Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contending For The Faith

"It was needful to write unto you...that you should earnestly
 contend for the faith once delivered to the church(saints)" Jude "3"

Brothers and Sisters,greetings in the name of Jesus,the one true God
according to scriptures (Jer.10:10    1Jo.5:20)
The doctrine recorded in the holy scriptures is slowly being deleted,altered,
and changed to placate the sodomites.lesbians coalition and all who choose to
live a life without bible morality.
Jude wrote in his epistle the importants of holding firm to the original teachings of
the apostle,and not to be enfluenced by church leaders(pastors) who refuse to keep
the bible as the only guide to eternal life , thusly,the church is divided and the
commandment concerning division within the body(1 cor.1.0 is no longer a factor.

Beloved , and remnant church of the most high , recently the Presbyterian church
leadership passed a resolution allowing sodomites and  lesbians to be ordained
ministers and pastors contrary to divine instructions recorded in the sacred scriptures(rom.1 vs 18 thru 32)
for obedience of faith . The word is being openly blasphemed and the Lord of glory is
is being mocked , I urge every honest heart to take heed to the urgency of this
letter and separate yourselves from every ministry that refuses to follow devine truth, even the faith once taught  by the prophets and the apostles for a living testimony..the hour is late,persecuted on the job sites,cities turned into a police state where motorist are harrased thru the traffic ticket scheme,minimum
wage slightly above 7.00 $ per hour while cooperate government and the elite makes record prophets.
Join with me,let us hide our selves under the blood covering that we might escape ultimate destruction
soon to come....may I close with the words of the great apostle ..."It was neeful for me to write unto you"
      Be Blessed                                                                            Prophet H Walker(overseer)
                                                                                                 (Gods Final Messenger)

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