Friday, April 15, 2011

The Holy Place(church)...and The End

"When you shall see the abomination of desolation,
  spoken by Daniel the prophet...stand in the holy place,
  whosoever readeth,let him understand" (mat.24:15)

Brothers and Sisters of the true faith,baptised in the name of Jesus and filled with his
precious holy ghost...I greet you in that blessed name whom praises is do forever and ever.
Recently a nine point earthquake devastated the Japanese home land fulfilling the
greatest prophecy given by the holy scriptures concerning the end of all flesh and the coming of Christ
with the final judgment.
The sub-human culture created by the anti-christ and magnified by the Sodomite/Lesbian movement , encouraged by the current government under Pres.Obama has further brought end-time prophecy to a final state....Three million babies murdered(abortion) under the guise of  free choice,more sodomite/lesbians appointed to federal positions by Pres.Obama than any past president.
The complete destruction of christian moral values and the past family value system no longer priority one
in american way of life....
Politicians refusing to take a stand against the sickeness of sodomy...allowing our children to be brain-washed by school officials that are fully under the enfluence of the lesbian/sodomite agenda.
Pastors who boldly preach for money but to cowardly to defend the holy scriptures concerning that behaviour(sodomy/lesbian))that God condemned in both testaments by penalty of death,not only to the active partners but also to whoever would be in agreement with such vile affections.(Ro.1:24-32)Brothers and Sisters,the hour is late,Jesus,the God of all creation is soon to come...take heed to the warnings found in Mathew 24th chapter,pray for guidance,then join with me as I guide the remnant church back to the pathway of righteousness,back to true holiness taught by the apostle in Eph.chapter four.
True believers,Gods holy word is being mocked , his church blasphemed as never before...again,I say,the hour is late,and the question that must be ask...Where is your faith...? Will you be a part of the remnant army that will not bow or compromise..that will fight the great sodomite/lesbian army? Would you surrender all to Jesus....or would you be as the Rich Young Ruler(mat.19:16-22) and walk away from eternal life...?again,I repeat my first question...."Where is your Faith"...?
Be Blessed....                                                                                    Prophet H Walker(overseer)
                                                                                                        Gods Final Messenger........

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