Thursday, October 6, 2011


                       "But now is made manifest(revealed),and by the
                        scriptures of the prophets,according to the
                        commandment of the everlasting God,made known
                        to all nations for obedience of the faith" (rom.16:26)

Brothers and Sisters,america is confronted by a powerful satanic force that threatens
to overthow  the sanctity of the church and destroy the family as a unit concerning the
future generations.
When the feminist movement became popular in the 1960s a powerful ,clever , lesbian
movement entered in under the radar screen and hidden from mainstream america...they entroduced
baby murder(abortion)as a civil rights and are directly responsible for ROE v WADE supreme court discission ....they cleverly re-programed media(TV..Radio) to make
lesbian/sodomite life-styles a  alternate to the natural order of husband and wife(male and female) as God commanded from the beginning of creation(gen.1:27).Today,not one Radio or TV Talk show host will openly condemn sodomy/lesbian behaviour....many church pastors also refuse to stand up against
this un-godly life style condemned in both testaments  and in all three major religeons.
Because of gross disobedience concerning the aforementioned,america now is in the midst of an
economic decline where working class people yet work at a federal wage scale of 7.25$ per hour.
Yet ,Exxon-Mobil...Goldman Sax...Walmart , made record breaking profits the last nine months.
God sent me,a prophet in the Lords house,to warn the people of great extreme difficult times just ahead...
No work for those in need of work...middle class slowly being eradicated...many with degrees,
working for below scale just to survive....TAKE HEED...AMERICA MUST TURN BACK TO THE
PROPHECY HAS FORETOLD CURRENT EVENTS...I close with the words of the Prophet...
                    "And it shall come to Pass in the last days,that the mountain of
                     the Lords house(church of God)shall be established in the top
                     of the mountains,(heavenly)and all nations shall flow to it..."   Isaiah 2:2
Join me as Gods final prophet,escape to the holy mountain and be saved before its everlasting to late.
Write me.....                   "Obey them that have the rule over you,
                                        and submit yourselves...for they watch
                                         for your souls.....(Hebrews 13:17)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contending For The Faith

"It was needful to write unto you...that you should earnestly
 contend for the faith once delivered to the church(saints)" Jude "3"

Brothers and Sisters,greetings in the name of Jesus,the one true God
according to scriptures (Jer.10:10    1Jo.5:20)
The doctrine recorded in the holy scriptures is slowly being deleted,altered,
and changed to placate the sodomites.lesbians coalition and all who choose to
live a life without bible morality.
Jude wrote in his epistle the importants of holding firm to the original teachings of
the apostle,and not to be enfluenced by church leaders(pastors) who refuse to keep
the bible as the only guide to eternal life , thusly,the church is divided and the
commandment concerning division within the body(1 cor.1.0 is no longer a factor.

Beloved , and remnant church of the most high , recently the Presbyterian church
leadership passed a resolution allowing sodomites and  lesbians to be ordained
ministers and pastors contrary to divine instructions recorded in the sacred scriptures(rom.1 vs 18 thru 32)
for obedience of faith . The word is being openly blasphemed and the Lord of glory is
is being mocked , I urge every honest heart to take heed to the urgency of this
letter and separate yourselves from every ministry that refuses to follow devine truth, even the faith once taught  by the prophets and the apostles for a living testimony..the hour is late,persecuted on the job sites,cities turned into a police state where motorist are harrased thru the traffic ticket scheme,minimum
wage slightly above 7.00 $ per hour while cooperate government and the elite makes record prophets.
Join with me,let us hide our selves under the blood covering that we might escape ultimate destruction
soon to come....may I close with the words of the great apostle ..."It was neeful for me to write unto you"
      Be Blessed                                                                            Prophet H Walker(overseer)
                                                                                                 (Gods Final Messenger)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Holy Place(church)...and The End

"When you shall see the abomination of desolation,
  spoken by Daniel the prophet...stand in the holy place,
  whosoever readeth,let him understand" (mat.24:15)

Brothers and Sisters of the true faith,baptised in the name of Jesus and filled with his
precious holy ghost...I greet you in that blessed name whom praises is do forever and ever.
Recently a nine point earthquake devastated the Japanese home land fulfilling the
greatest prophecy given by the holy scriptures concerning the end of all flesh and the coming of Christ
with the final judgment.
The sub-human culture created by the anti-christ and magnified by the Sodomite/Lesbian movement , encouraged by the current government under Pres.Obama has further brought end-time prophecy to a final state....Three million babies murdered(abortion) under the guise of  free choice,more sodomite/lesbians appointed to federal positions by Pres.Obama than any past president.
The complete destruction of christian moral values and the past family value system no longer priority one
in american way of life....
Politicians refusing to take a stand against the sickeness of sodomy...allowing our children to be brain-washed by school officials that are fully under the enfluence of the lesbian/sodomite agenda.
Pastors who boldly preach for money but to cowardly to defend the holy scriptures concerning that behaviour(sodomy/lesbian))that God condemned in both testaments by penalty of death,not only to the active partners but also to whoever would be in agreement with such vile affections.(Ro.1:24-32)Brothers and Sisters,the hour is late,Jesus,the God of all creation is soon to come...take heed to the warnings found in Mathew 24th chapter,pray for guidance,then join with me as I guide the remnant church back to the pathway of righteousness,back to true holiness taught by the apostle in Eph.chapter four.
True believers,Gods holy word is being mocked , his church blasphemed as never before...again,I say,the hour is late,and the question that must be ask...Where is your faith...? Will you be a part of the remnant army that will not bow or compromise..that will fight the great sodomite/lesbian army? Would you surrender all to Jesus....or would you be as the Rich Young Ruler(mat.19:16-22) and walk away from eternal life...?again,I repeat my first question...."Where is your Faith"...?
Be Blessed....                                                                                    Prophet H Walker(overseer)
                                                                                                        Gods Final Messenger........