Thursday, January 19, 2012


Brothers and Sisters,as we near the final moments of armageddon(the final battle) the struggle between the forces of good and evil becomes more intensified.
Moral standards that the church of God stood on for the building of christian character is being destroyed by the  compromised church which refuses to take a stand against the principles of unrighteousness...the prophet Ezekial stated clearly,There must be a difference between clean and unclean,between holy and profane,so we see the importants of keeping the doctrine recorded in the holy scriptures as the only foundation to true( bible ) holiness.
Bro and Sis...the holy scriptures is very clear concerning sodomy and lesbian behaviour, why then is the church silent while our great country becomes a part of that unrighteous behaviour condemned by God in the torah as well as apostolic instructions..? why are the politicians so frightened by the lesbian/sodomite coalition..?
True believers and whosoever seeketh God and his truth....its because of the power of the anti christ and his church(synagogue) that has allowed for unbelief to enter among us dividing and scattering the church of the living God.
In closing,we must unite,we must return back to the doctrine recorded in the holy scriptures for a living testimony and guide to eternal life ever mindful that its the doctrine(divine instructions) that saves us and all who would believe and follow after our example as we,the true church follow after God and his righteousness...remembering the instructions of Jude as he stated..."it was needful for me to write,and exhort you to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered"...where in the faith teachings did God uphold sodomy..?where in the faith teachings did God uphold baby-murder(abortion)..?and did not God thru his prophets and apostles point out the difference between holy and profane...?did not God reveal the anti-christ and his synagogue to the seekers of truth...? if then you have the truth,where is your courage to defend the truth..?where is your courage to defend the faith once delivered..?Jesus said,"By their fruit(life)you shall know them"......        Be Blessed                                                  Prophet H Walker(overseer)
                                                                                          Gods final messenger

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